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Railay beach

Phuket pier - Ao Nang princess - Railay - Sand and Sea resort - massage

sunny 40 °C
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We take a taxi to the pier so as to take the Ao Nang Princess boat to Railay.

We wait for 1 hour for the boat to arrive and in the meantime get our tickets and 'indulge' in some western food (the only one we can find).
Our chicken cheeseburger was a bit tough to swallow and I fear to be seasick but in the end all is fine.

The Ao Nang princess is full of Farang; bikini babes take their clothes off and lay in front of the boat to grill in the sun. The view of the Thai islands and fishing boats is breathtaking...

We arrive at Railay and the beach is beautiful. Lots of tourists though which explains the nice walking street with shops. We go for a massage and sleep at the Sand and sea resort. Again heavy rains at 4pm...

We feel as though we are in the Western world even though the beach is fabulous and we decide to move along the next day...

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Phuket !

Airport - Hat Surin

sunny 40 °C
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Arrived in Phuket airport, we sort through our luggage and leave the suitcases at the airport to take some smaller bags that could be attached to the mopeds we will rent later on.

We take a taxi to Surin where we had booked the Benyada lodge hotel. Once checked in, we head to the beach and realize it is very very touristy so we stroll along the rocks and invade the Surin phuket private beach...
After a half day at the beach, we get our first monsoon like rain around 9pm.

While at the Surin beach, we ask the reception and realize there is vacancy for the next night and we decide to seize the opportunity. Great bungalow in the 'jungle' with lots of flights of stairs to head to the great beach and black swimming pool (thanks to which my ass will have a bruise for the next 2 weeks!!). Jet ski and snorkeling; again heavy rain at 4pm.

Flo buys his Buddha and monk statues in town in the morning and we take a shuttle to head to the Phuket pier.

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4th and last day in Bangkok - I'm gonna miss it!!

Pratunam and Baiyokee tower no.2 - Pantip plaza - MBK Center - Chinatown - massage no.3 - Bayan tree sky restaurant

sunny 42 °C
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When we leave the hotel to meet up Igor at Pratunam, we run into an official procession (the King??) which blocks us for some time, even though we took a motorcycle to get there...

We go to the Baiyokee 2 tower where we meet Igor and Flo and find so many crazy designer stuff.
4 floors with nothing but pants, tee-shirts, stylee pockets (like the tape one I bought), and so many designer things...
Fashion definitely does not only happen in the big hubs of the western world...

We go back to Pantip plaza to get Igor's dvds and spend again a lot of time looking at useful (?) stuff. Flo and I buy some iPod/iPhone speakers and we look for Igor for a very long while before we can head back to MBK to buy Flo another phone...

At the MBK center, Flo buys another phone and I find some pashminas, the Beats by Dr Dre speakers and a few other things...

Igor takes off and we head to Chinatown.
We spent some time walking in the wonderful chinatown after having chinese food at Texas Suki restaurant (great Dim Sum!). We saw the gold shops and all the walking streets where Chinese basically sell in hundreds anything that can exist. We left (hard time to find a taxi) to go back to the hotel.

We get massage no.3 close to the hotel (they start with our backs?!?) where Flo had gone on the 1st day. We leave for the sky bar of the Bayan Tree Hotel.

We don't have shoes but oh well the Bayan provides... We go up to the 59th floor and go up 2 more flights of stairs to arrive to Bangkok's breathtaking view. We have cocktails and great food (but we're not hungry, so it's a bit of a waste :((. We enjoy the view before heading back to the Davis. Flo feels nostalgic looking at lights in a tree in the courtyard.

Well deserved night before heading off to the beach!! We pack for the first time of many many many to come and enjoy a good night's sleep.

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3rd day in Bangkok - getting the gist of it

Floating market in Damnoen Saduak - Wat Phra Keo - Pantip Plaza - Siam Paragon - getting lost in Bangkok

sunny 40 °C
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A one hour taxi ride will take us to a famous floating market.

At first, it is very touristy and a bit disappointing but then we find a great small Wat (temple) where we get introduced with the 9 weekly Buddhas.
The 2h boat ride is great and we have fun giving food to big fishes, watching a Thai dance show and buying used orange sunglasses for too big a price...

The Grand Palais is... Grand.
Too much for me but I enjoy the fresques under the promenades and watching the monks praying to the Emerald buddha in the Wat Phra Keo itself.
Apparently, it is common that tuk-tuk drivers tell you that the Grand palais is closed to take you to other spots in the city (although it is open 7/7...). You need long pants and a decent top to enter. We were really burning with heat at this point...

We go to the Rajata hotel to meet with Igor and Flo and we play with Flo's new game: a Jenga game bought at the floating market and eat papaya salad and pad thai. Miam.
I leave my favorite worn-out pants to an Indian tailor to get 2 copies of them.

We then ride a tuk-tuk to Pantip Plaza, the electronic city supermarket of Bangkok.
We spend a lot of time looking at the iphone cases, buying fake games and applications for pc and mac and a bunch of other useful (?) stuff...

We then head to the Siam Paragon where we enjoy the big vertical garden designed by Jean Nouvel and try to find Shiseido creams for Manue. We leave Igor and Flo to go to the hotel to gather some strength.

We take a tuk-tuk back to the tailor for my pants, then took another one and got lost to go to eat at the food market and then got lost again walking and then desperately took a taxi back to the hotel (no one wanted to drive us there..).
Flo lost his phone in the taxi taking us to Siam but realized it in the last taxi... We went to have dinner close to the hotel at a seafood place.

A bit of a bitter end to the day, although nothing too serious.

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2nd day in Bangkok - a first glimpse of the city

Klong cruise - MBK center - Khao San road - 1am massage

sunny 37 °C
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After a big heated argument, a separation and a talk over food at a canteen, we take a nice long tail boat to cruise the Chao Phraya and the Bangkok klongs.

The cruise is great and the boat captain a very nice woman. The Chao Phraya is "a certain shade of green" and the cruise in the long tail boat quite smooth.
We will get to see, among other things, 2 big dragons (varans), a heap of catfish, many insalubrious houses with lots of clothes hanging everywhere, the Wat Arun and the Grand Palais.

We then take the BTS (Sky train) to head to MBK to meet with Igor.

Flo buys a state of the art old Nokia phone, I buy some Matoom instant tea (big mistake), a lot of iPhone accessories (screen protection, earphones and outlet plugs) and then I get waxed in a weird Thai salon.

Beers and meeting with Igor, Flo(rence), Ilan, Catherine and her 4 kids and Florence's father.
We go to eat in the neighborhood in a street restaurant (fresh fish, squid, papaya salad and bad rice...) and then we go for ice cream at Swensen's before heading off to the very touristy Khao San road.

Flo eats some fried grasshoppers. Khao San road is very touristy and full of lights, music, shops and crazy tourists.
I buy some fake Lacoste (I like the shape of them!) and we head back to the hotel (but we want a late massage first!!)

We find a massage place very close to the hotel for massage no.2 in a perpendicular street (200 baht for the best massage ever at 1am!!!).

I love Bangkok.

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